Why is this Newsletter Called ‘The Feeling Heart’?

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Written By Gabriel Gonsalves

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As a spiritual teacher, transformational coach, leadership consultant, and artist, my mission is to guide you towards a life that is deeply fulfilling and spiritually rewarding. The title ‘The Feeling Heart’ captures the essence of this journey, and I would love to share with you why this name is so significant to me.

Inspired by the Power of the Heart: Discovering The Feeling Heart Book

One of the key inspirations that led me to name this newsletter ‘The Feeling Heart in Medieval and Early Modern Europe’ was a captivating — book that I stumbled upon Within its pages, I discovered a profound understanding of the heart, beyond its role as a physical organ. The book beautifully revealed how the heart embodies our desires, emotions, and the very essence of our being. It became the foundation for everything we’ll explore in this newsletter.

The Importance of ‘The Feeling Heart’ in a Mind-Centric World

Living in a world that often prioritizes the mind over the heart, we risk losing touch with our true selves. That’s why ‘The Feeling Heart’ matters. This newsletter is your guide to navigating the journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and alignment with your deepest values and aspirations. By diving deep into our emotions, embracing vulnerability, and listening to the whispers of our hearts, we reclaim the power to live authentically and experience profound personal transformation.

Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom: Tools for Transformation

Through ‘The Feeling Heart,’ I aim to offer a harmonious blend of practical advice and spiritual wisdom. By combining the latest scientific research with heart-centered practices, I provide you with actionable guidance that is grounded in real-life applicability. At the same time, I invite you to explore the depths of your soul and connect with something greater. It is through this balanced approach that we can truly transform our lives, aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with our deepest values and aspirations.

Living Wholeheartedly: Embracing Vulnerability and Connection

The heart-centered approach of ‘The Feeling Heart’ reflects my belief in the power of vulnerability, empathy, and connection. It serves as a gentle reminder that true wisdom comes from listening to our hearts and embracing our true selves with courage and compassion. By subscribing to this newsletter, you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, supported by a community of like-hearted individuals who share a common desire to live authentically and wholeheartedly.

Tools for Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation

Together, we will explore practical tools, insightful articles, and transformative practices that will empower you to navigate your emotional landscape, heal past wounds, and unlock your full potential. I will provide you with guidance and support to help you gain a deeper understanding of emotional well-being, personal growth, and spiritual development. These resources will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create positive changes in your life.

The Intersection of Science and Spirituality: Embracing Wisdom and Expansion

‘The Feeling Heart’ delves into the powerful intersection of science and spirituality. We will explore the latest research and its practical implications for your emotional well-being and spiritual growth. By understanding how science supports the intuitive truths of the heart, you’ll unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Together, we will bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom, cultivating awareness, gratitude, and humility in our daily lives.

Join a Supportive Community for Growth and Connection

By subscribing to ‘The Feeling Heart,’ you are not just signing up for a newsletter – you are becoming part of a community of like-hearted individuals who share a common desire to live authentically and wholeheartedly. Connect with fellow seekers, engage in interactive discussions, and participate in Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding and foster personal growth. This community is a safe and supportive space for connection, inspiration, and transformation.

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From my heart to yours,

Gabriel Gonsalves

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